Another Fitbit Anniversary

So, right about this time last year, I reflected on my three year Fitbitversary.  This weekend marked my fourth year as a Fitbit user.  Let me wow you with some stats (I love statistics!):

In those four years I have walked/run/jogged:

  • 18.8 MILLION steps!
  • which equates to 7,957 miles
  • climbed 5,323 floors

Per this graph, you can see that in the first half of 2016, my stats took a nosedive.  This was during my first six months of graduate courses.  I gained between 15-20lbs during this time period.

Thanks to Fitbit, I got my act together.  I lost 30lbs through a combined effort of calorie tracking and increased fitness and have kept both up to this day. August will mark 2 years since I started losing the weight, and the weight has stayed off.

People make me laugh when they ask how I have kept the weight off and I tell them it was my Fitbit.  They nearly always get a Fitbit, but then get no results.  Fitbit is a tool, it is empowering.  It is my fiercest lecturer and my biggest cheerleader.  But at the end of the day, I'm the one doing the work.  

I am currently averaging 16,800 steps a day, with a daily step goal of 15,000.  I track every single thing I put into my mouth, even if it's just a handful of chips.  I eat a well balanced diet, and by that I mean I eat a lot of healthy food alongside a lot of chocolate and snacks!  I sustain an activity level with the intention of accommodating my lust for snacking.

I have worn a Fitbit for four years, and over that time I have accumulated data on my exercise levels, heart rate and sleeping patterns and I've seen patterns in my lifestyle that I was able to change for the better.  It is only in the last two years that I have taken full advantage of all of Fitbit's empowering tools, such as the calorie tracking and water intake.  

When I started wearing a Fitbit four years ago, I thought I was a very active person, but I discovered that I was only moderately active.  Through the collected statistics and some trial and errors, I have become a truly active person and I feel better for it.  My body longs for physical activity and a good sleep at night.  

Despite this, I almost never win the weekly step challenges.  I'm nowhere near the top of my friend's list in terms of activity.  I love that Fitbit helps me see where I have been successful, and yet reminds me where there is a challenge to overcome.