Countdown to Accomplishment

On July 8th, I will officially have finished all of the requirements for my Master's in Management degree.  Truthfully, I will be done all of the requirements long before that date, but that is the date when the course will close and it will be final and official.

I feel like I have been in post-secondary forever.  Immediately after high school, I went to college for a little over one semester, and had to withdraw so I could move outside of the country.

When I was twenty, I went back to college and for the next two years I worked on finishing my Associate's degree.  I was a Dean's List student all four semesters, and even though it wasn't where I had hoped to be at twenty-two, I was glad to have it done.

Just before I turned twenty-nine in 2012, I registered to go back to school again, this time to finish my Bachelor's degree.  The company I work for offers tuition reimbursement, and so for the following four years, I worked full time and went to school part time, eventually, finally, thankfully completing my Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2015.

I had barely closed my books when I decided I wanted to pursue a Master's of Science in Management.  I had no good reason for doing it except that I knew I could and it would be paid for by tuition reimbursement.  It seemed a large commitment to take on for myself, but I like a challenge.  So in January of 2016. I began my graduate studies.

Grad school is not like the other schooling I have done.  There is a lot more reading, a lot more research, a lot more of a methodical approach to writing and presenting.  I have a mild form of dyslexia, which makes me a very slow reader, and with all of the additional required reading I definitely felt the weight of how much time it took to complete assignments compared to my other degrees.  However, I love learning, and I have a genuine interest in understanding the course topics.  I have poured my heart into all aspects of these concepts, and it has refined me as a person and as a leader.  I have a much more firmly defined sense of what is important to me and what my personal vision is after completing this degree.

More importantly, I will close this chapter knowing I have accomplished a difficult task.  I have invested time and energy into it, which has sharpened my perseverance.  I have learned how to do things that I never could have imagined that I could, which has boosted my confidence.  I have painstakingly researched concepts to understand them completing before providing analysis, which has increased my patience.  In all of these ways, far more than learning technical skills, I emerge from this process a better person.

It really isn't the destination that makes us, it is the process.  Over the last three years as I have tackled this degree, I have had many difficult things go on in my personal life as well, including the death of my father, all of which could have sidetracked me from completing, given me a valid excuse to quit.  I have a level of pride in myself knowing I did not get deterred that I could never have felt if this process had gone smoothly.  I have managed to lose and keep off 30lbs, I have managed to write two books of poetry, I have managed to take on two new positions at work, all while staying the course toward the finish line of my degree.

My focus has been steadfast, and more than any piece of paper, that is my biggest accomplishment.


  1. So proud of you for all you've accomplished! And I totally agree to call you "Master" after July 8th! YOU'VE EARNED IT!!! <3


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