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Food Elimination

Recently, I wrote an article reviewing my experience with EverlyWell's food sensitivity panel.  After receiving my results, which had 15 foods flagged as reactive to different degrees, I made the decision to begin eliminating them from my diet.  So far, I am seeing some significant results.

I have always had digestive issues.  One could say that I have been running a long term, low grade stomachache for a couple decades!  I discovered that I was lactose intolerant when I was 15 years old, but eliminating lactose from my diet didn't cure all of my issues.

When I began monitoring my food intake in 2016, I did notice some of the issues with my digestive problems subside.  I suspect overeating (even if you are exercising to get into a calorie deficit) can cause some pretty severe digestive issues as your body tries to process through the excess.  However, even with this, and the elimination of most dairy, I still had some trouble.

Food allergies and food sensitivities are differen…

Solo Vacations

During the years that I was in school, I hardly traveled at all.  My husband and I are not especially good travel companions, and besides that we have 3 dogs, which makes arranging travel complicated.  Over the last decade, we have gone on separate vacations a few different times.  I'll go with my sister and he'll go with a friend.  These have worked out well for us because it leaves one or the other at home to tend to the doggies while we are away.

However, having now finished my degree and feeling unencumbered by the weighty responsibilities of academia, I am looking to travel alone.  My sister mentioned that she had this on her Day Zero Project list, and I immediately wondered why I had not put it there (so I added it!).  My mom is celebrating her 60th birthday this month by going to Vegas with a high school friend, and then from there, going to spend a week by herself in Mexico.  It sounds heavenly.

I am now planning and researching cities I could travel to by myself, to s…

The Imitation Game: Review

I am very late to the party on this one, but I cannot resist sharing because I loved this movie.  The Imitation Game was released in 2014, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly, Matthew Goode and Allen Leech.  Based primarily on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma, it depicts mathematician Alan Turing (Cumberbatch) and his team of geniuses as they try to crack the Nazi Enigma Code during World War II.

Without giving spoilers, I can tell you there were a few general things I loved about this movie.  First of all, Cumberbatch does an impeccable job of portraying a socially inept genius.  His depiction is frustrating and yet stirs sympathy.  As the story unfolds, you want him to succeed even though sometimes he does maddening things!

Secondly, I loved Keira Knightly as the female genius on the team.  True to her time, there was a concern over what was "decorous," but she brings warmth to counter-balance the aloofness of Cumberbatch.  A bit of an odd duck herself, …

Post-Sherry Euphoria

In a hilarious episode of Frasier, Martin and his long-time girlfriend Sherry have called it quits over a dispute.  Niles and Frasier, who both despised Sherry for her loud personality and low-brow humor, are delighted that she is finally out of their lives.  However, a more perceptive Daphne recognizes that Martin's cheerful indifference to losing Sherry is a cover for his sadness.  Frasier is trying to convince Daphne that his father is handling it perfectly fine, but then Martin interrupts the scene acting unusually bizarre.  Daphne looks sarcastically at Frasier and says, "What's your diagnosis now?"  And Frasier responds, "It's a clear cut case of post-Sherry euphoria!"

This phrase has now become a staple between my sisters and I.  My one sister, recently reflecting on a trial she had gone through and is now free of, recently said, "I am still experiencing a case of post-Sherry euphoria!"

There is nothing quite like the relief and pleasur…

The Things That Peeve Me

I typically don't like to be negative in my writing.  If I will write words that will last, I'd rather they uplift.  However, I had a funny, tangential thought about something that annoys me, which then led me to reflect on a few other things that drive me crazy.  Since some of them are funny, I thought I would share them!

1. Advice that someone clearly would never take for themselves.  Most people do not love unasked for advice. I am the first to ask for help or advice if I think I need it, so I can find it irritating when someone tries to steer me when I have not asked for advice.  An example of when this drives me especially crazy: I am sitting at my desk at work, eating a snack.  My snacks are almost never healthy.  However, I am a fit person and in good shape.  A lady passes my desk who is 400lbs and offers a suggestion on the fact that it would be healthier for me to eat dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.  It is in this moment that I have so many opinions piling …