Food Elimination

Recently, I wrote an article reviewing my experience with EverlyWell's food sensitivity panel.  After receiving my results, which had 15 foods flagged as reactive to different degrees, I made the decision to begin eliminating them from my diet.  So far, I am seeing some significant results.

I have always had digestive issues.  One could say that I have been running a long term, low grade stomachache for a couple decades!  I discovered that I was lactose intolerant when I was 15 years old, but eliminating lactose from my diet didn't cure all of my issues.

When I began monitoring my food intake in 2016, I did notice some of the issues with my digestive problems subside.  I suspect overeating (even if you are exercising to get into a calorie deficit) can cause some pretty severe digestive issues as your body tries to process through the excess.  However, even with this, and the elimination of most dairy, I still had some trouble.

Food allergies and food sensitivities are different and have very different symptoms associated with them.  This was described in the article I referenced above.  Food sensitivity symptoms can range from headaches and digestive discomfort to eczema and fatigue and beyond.  Many times these symptoms get associated with other conditions and go diagnosed or untreated.

I immediately removed the three foods that had the highest reactivity.  This was difficult, as these three food components are in everything.  I also began to try to eliminate the lower reactivity foods as well.  One was a major surprise to me, and a disappointment because it's one of my favorite snacks!

Has eliminating these foods been difficult?  Yes.  Has it been inconvenient?  Very.  But it has also been worth it in terms of how I am feeling.  It is hard to describe the change.  I have a definite sense of digestive relief.  In three weeks, I have had one stomachache, which is amazing.  I also feel lighter somehow, less bloated, just a general sense of better wellness.

I was surprised and disappointed by the number and type of foods to which I had a reaction.  However, knowledge is power and I was able to use this information to empower myself to better health and lifestyle choices.  I miss certain foods, but I do not miss the cramping stomach pains associated with them!  I am also surprised at how quickly these life choices began to make a positive impact.  Three weeks in and I am convinced of the benefit.