Solo Vacations

During the years that I was in school, I hardly traveled at all.  My husband and I are not especially good travel companions, and besides that we have 3 dogs, which makes arranging travel complicated.  Over the last decade, we have gone on separate vacations a few different times.  I'll go with my sister and he'll go with a friend.  These have worked out well for us because it leaves one or the other at home to tend to the doggies while we are away.

However, having now finished my degree and feeling unencumbered by the weighty responsibilities of academia, I am looking to travel alone.  My sister mentioned that she had this on her Day Zero Project list, and I immediately wondered why I had not put it there (so I added it!).  My mom is celebrating her 60th birthday this month by going to Vegas with a high school friend, and then from there, going to spend a week by herself in Mexico.  It sounds heavenly.

I am now planning and researching cities I could travel to by myself, to spend the days sight seeing and trying new foods, Ubering around with great freedom, and ordering room service at night.  I imagine myself in cities like San Diego, Seattle or even New York City, strapped with nothing but my selfie stick for company, taking photos all around town.

When you travel with someone, there are the inevitable compromises that must be made.  What do you want to eat?  Where do you want to go first?  And all of the other many questions and concessions that must be made.  Traveling with a companion can be fun, but these are definitely some of the down sides.

Traveling alone, I could see the sights on my schedule.  Eat when I wanted and whatever I wanted.  Sleep in, wake up early, go where the wind takes me.  There is nothing lonely about it.  It is empowering!

My sister, just last week, went to a concert by herself.  People find this odd.  I often wonder if these people are insecure about being alone.  Being with other people is great and rewarding and fun.  But so is being alone.

I am not afraid to sit in a movie theater alone, or in a restaurant alone.  I would not be afraid to take a city tour alone, or walk across the Golden Gate bridge alone!  I am very excited to begin to partake in these solo adventures!