The Things That Peeve Me

I typically don't like to be negative in my writing.  If I will write words that will last, I'd rather they uplift.  However, I had a funny, tangential thought about something that annoys me, which then led me to reflect on a few other things that drive me crazy.  Since some of them are funny, I thought I would share them!

1. Advice that someone clearly would never take for themselves.  Most people do not love unasked for advice. I am the first to ask for help or advice if I think I need it, so I can find it irritating when someone tries to steer me when I have not asked for advice.  An example of when this drives me especially crazy: I am sitting at my desk at work, eating a snack.  My snacks are almost never healthy.  However, I am a fit person and in good shape.  A lady passes my desk who is 400lbs and offers a suggestion on the fact that it would be healthier for me to eat dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.  It is in this moment that I have so many opinions piling up on my tongue to spit out that it puts me at great risk.  Did I ask?  Did I complain that I need to be healthier, or thinner?  Did I in any way comment on my poor choices?  No.  And truthfully, if I did want advice this is not the source I would go to for it, as she clearly has some issues taking her own advice.  This has really happened, and a thousand kudos to me for biting my tongue on words that could get me fired!

2. Good mood ruiners.  That isn't a word, but it best fits my need here.  I recognize that most people are not morning people.  I am my most energetic and cheerful between about 5:30am and 10:00am, and I try to be tolerant of the fact that many people I encounter at this time of day are not as cheerful as I am.  I don't expect everyone to join in my morning jamboree.  However, I hate when I encounter people intent on making me as grumpy as they are.  I am not in the mood for a bad mood at this time of day.  We don't have to have a parade, but say good morning and if you're in a bad mood, just move about your day, and I will leave you alone.  But if you try to jump down my throat with your grouchiness at this hour, beware.  I am at my sharpest and most energetic at this time of day and this is a battle of wits you will not enjoy.  (If you want to best me in a fight, contact me after about 8:30pm when I am in my evening!).

3. Passive or passive-aggressive comments.  These types of communication are always bad but they annoy me especially.  It especially annoys me when people send me email requests using passive voice in their writing.  "I am needing you to..." is my least favorite start to an email.  I have a lot more respect for people who are direct and assertive and not interested in wasting my time than people who beat around the bush.  My snarky antagonism, which is always rippling under the surface, threatens to rise up every time this happens!

Aside from these things, the usual peeves annoy me: people who don't wash their hands in the bathroom, dishes left in the sink, and spam calls to my cell phone, etc!