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The Home School Perception

I was recently reading through a thread of comments on a post online about the option of home schooling your children.  A vast majority of the comments included some variation of, "I have never met a home schooled kid who wasn't odd."  I read these comments over a week ago, and they still bother me a little, so I felt a response was valid. I have a very mixed experience in my K-12 education.  I did not attend kindergarten at all, but was instead traveling through the United States in a motor home with my parents and sister, getting far more life experience than a classroom could offer.  During this time, I did learn the basics of reading and all of that, but I also learned about people, that people are not all the same, and that I am not the same.  And that it is okay. I home schooled grade one.  My parents taught me at home, but I took exams at a local elementary school at the end of the year.  People have a false idea that home schooled kids run wild and free and ar