Day Zero Project - Progress Report

2019 is underway and on December 3 of this year, my Day Zero Project time will be up and I will calculate how many of my goals that I have achieved.  As a recap, this list tracks 101 goals you intend to accomplish in 1001 days (which is 2.75 years)   I feel like I set myself a very ambitious list of things to do and so far I have done well.  Some of the harder things I included on my list that I have completed:

  • Paying off all my personal debt (which was a substantial amount)
  • Finishing my graduate degree
  • Doing a half marathon for 12 consecutive months
  • Walking a full marathon distance
  • Squat the weight of my body on a bar (I actually squatted 10lbs more than I weighed at the time!)
My list is actually comprised of 110 goals, not just 100, and of those goals I have completed 54%, with 7 goals currently in progress.

I am hoping to fail less than 10 of the goals, and look forward to scheduling in some of the more fun and less serious of the goals this spring, including visiting several museums, taking a solo vacation, and going to a fancy restaurant downtown.  I feel like I led off with completing some very difficult goals and left some of the fun ones for the end.

I have found keeping this list to be very helping in keeping me focused on my goals, and not just forgetting about them or allowing them to slip by.  It holds me accountable, as my followers on my list can keep track of what I am doing, and it reminds me of how important these goals are to me.

I think everyone to some extent and especially me (in my OCD soul) love a sense of accomplishment.  Being able to visually see a list of goals I want to achieve and be able to check them off my list has been a great feeling.  I feel like I am able to look back to where I was two years ago, and see how much I have achieved, and what a meaningful impact it has made to my life.  These goals were not for the faint of heart.  They pushed my limits, and in some cases literally changed how I felt about myself.  In those cases it was well worth it.

When December rolls around this year I will be satisfied to take stock of all I have achieved.  And I will close my current list out and give myself a breather.  However, my intention is to start 2020 with a new list, a set of things I would like to see, do and achieve before my 40th birthday hits in 2023!

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