New Year, New Blog Post

2019 is here, and as I look back on 2018 I am proud of several achievements, but one thing I have missed is writing this blog.

2018 was a hectic year to say the least.  In July I finished my graduate degree, but just prior to that I had started a new position at work where I took on new functions and direct reports.  As the year drew on and I was working more hours, time for writing sort of fell by the wayside.  I feel the loss of it very much.

To add to this, in all that I have done in my last few months, I have read new books, watched movies, tried new products, been on trips and in all of this I have developed opinions on things that I am eager to share!  I have new inspirations, new thoughts, new reviews and new hopes for 2019!

I have three New Year's resolutions this year as well that I hope to document through my writing.  One is that I am learning French (and I am about 3 week into this now).  Another is to take a solo trip at least once a quarter.  The third is to finally learn to cook with my Instant Pot - which may sound small but for me any kitchen forays are fairly daunting. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hope you will continue to hang with me throughout the year!