Review: Method Cleaning

Sometime last year, one of my sisters became deeply passionate about home cleaning.  Already a germaphobe and neat freak, she started following YouTube cleaning "celebrities" learning their tricks for a cleaner home.  During this time, she started using Method cleaning products and she introduced me to them as well.

I love clean. I have always joked that I love nothing better than the smell of bleach in my home.  I didn't think I could go for "natural" cleaning products.  When it came to clean, the more chemicals the better!

My sister first recommended the Method Daily Shower Spray after I complained about a funny smell.  I scrubbed my shower top to bottom with a Clorox bleach spray and still couldn't get that musty smell out.  I finally gave in and tried a vinegar spray and I was so surprised to find it worked!  My sister then recommended the Daily Shower spray as a way to maintain that fresh, clean smell everyday.

It was love at first sniff.  Made with non-toxic ingredients (and made in the USA), it smells fresh and clean and keeps shower build up under control easily.  After I'm done showering, I spray the inside walls and glass door of my shower with the spray as I am getting out.

After this win, I got myself the lavender scented multi-purpose spray and the antibacterial spray, I love both!  The antibacterial spray has a very strong scent that some might find off putting, but I think it smells very fresh and clean.  I use the multi-purpose spray in my kitchen and it smells lovely and gets everything clean in a non-toxic way.

I have not given up my bleach cleaners, but I have loved the switch to these Method products.  They clean very well, smell great and are affordable.  I am eager to try more Method products, particularly the dish soap!