Review: Sheet Suspenders

One of my pet peeves is when the corners of the bed sheets start sliding off the bed after a couple of nights.  You wash your bedding, it's all fresh and snug on the mattress and then within a few days it's shifting, slipping off the corners and bunching up.

I always buy nice sheets.  I like the softness and how they hold up with frequent washing.  I like that they are intended to stay put on the mattress.  However, my thick and plushy mattress just seems to be too much of a match for even the best sheets, but I found the ultimate solution!

Sheet Suspenders, which I purchased on Amazon for less than twenty bucks, stretch underneath the mattress to create an X, clipping gently and safely to each of the four corners.  This holds them into place firmly without damaging the fabric of the sheet.  I have been using them now for about three months and I love them.

I was worried they would take a bit of finagling to get into place but I have been able to do it by myself and re-clip the sheets every time they are washed.  I have a tall, king sized bed so I suspect if they work well for this bed they would be effective on any bed.  I gave these a try after reading many of the positive reviews on Amazon.  People with many different types of bed all had the same response: these things are a lifesaver.

I know I can be a bit of a stickler about clean sheets and tidiness (no food allowed in my bedroom!), but I think most people can agree it's annoying when your sheets are sliding around.  These suspenders have saved me a lot of time resetting my sheets every night before I get into bed, only to have them disheveled by morning.  Not once since I have started using these have my sheets slipped out of place.

I was so glad I stumbled upon such an invention and I simply had to share!