The Year of No Excuses!

I always run into a few pet peeves in January.  One is increased congestion of "resolutioners" in gyms and on the pathways where I get my miles.  These are the folks who get out there hard core at the start of January but by month end they have disappeared.  Another is the often repeated and rarely completed goals of people to lose weight, save money, or achieve other goals that they talk a big game about in January but by March have long been forgotten.

Worse are the people who, instead of making resolutions, make excuses.  They often go like this: I can't lose weight because of genetics/hormones/stress - it's never "I can't lose weight because I eat fast food for lunch at least four days a week, I'm fairly sedentary and I overeat at every meal."  Or: I can't save money because I don't make enough.  It's never "I have poor spending habits and make bad financial choices and therefore I do not save money."  Or: I can't fulfill my personal goals to go to school/travel/write a book/learn a new skill because I don't have time.  It's never "I cannot attain my personal goals because I am a poor time manager."

I would love to see 2019 be the year when we stop making excuses and start being honest with ourselves!

I've often written about how in 2016, in a very short period of time, I gained quite a bit of weight.  And I immediately looked for an excuse.  Am I sick with some giant tumor?  Is my thyroid medication not working?  Is this related to my PCOS?  I was convinced that this couldn't be my own fault.  However, I am proud of myself that in a short period of time I recognized that my weight gain had been a combination of overeating and decreased physical activity.  Once I accepted my responsibility, I shed the weight fairly quickly.  This in spite of my hormonal imbalances.  Do I agree hormones make an impact on our health?  Yes.  But I also believe eating delicious Rasin' Cane's combo meals make more of an impact (go check out the calories in a 3 piece meal!).

Let's just be real.

I am not saying some people do not have legitimate problems with their health, finances or busy schedules.  I just think in far more cases than not, there are excuses being made about why someone cannot succeed rather than action being taken to ensure success.

Excuses are easy.  They are for the lazy.  They are for those without the self awareness and authenticity to say, "I buy things on a whim and therefore end up living paycheck to paycheck!"  I will say this, when my husband and I had a household income less than $30,000/year, we still maintained a small savings account.  At other times, when our household income was much higher, due to undisciplined choices, we chose not to save money, much to our regret.

We should all commit to dropping the excuses.  You don't want to commit to losing twenty pounds?  Awesome.  But don't sit there with a donut and tell people that obesity runs in the family. We don't owe anyone an explanation about our choices, but let's admit that they are just that: choices.

Let's own those choices.

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