Spotlighting the Strong Women in My Life - Part Three

Continuing in my series about strong women, I am focusing on a woman today that I have only recently been blessed to know.  I actually hired this woman six months ago, and I sometimes wonder if in my long working life to come if I will always look back on hiring her as one of my wisest choices.

She is a young woman, newly married, an expectant mother.  Like me, she is also an immigrant to this country.  Like me, she was raised to be a contributor.  Not even yet six months with the company, she has long been independent and rising to the expectations.  She takes on new tasks and challenges, she figures out who she needs to talk to, she communicates effectively, closes the loop.  She makes my life easier when I don't have to worry about things being handled correctly.

I think of many women I have known that are my age and younger, many of whom have a certain millennial sense of entitlement.  I have seen many women in this age group whine (literally) that they are "too young" for the heavy responsibilities of life, marriage, the workplace, and so on.  This woman does not do that.  In recently months she has been under the mounting pressures that come with life, including her pregnancy, and in all of it she remains composed, pleasant, and hard working.  She has had perfect attendance at work and has maintained an excellent record.

She is a very small person physically.  Even pregnant, she is petite and dainty.  But this is not indicative of her personality or capabilities.  She is a strong, direct, and assertive person, in a quiet and patient manner.

Like most of the women I admire, what impresses me most is not her capabilities (of which she has many), but her attitude when bearing up under difficult circumstances.  All of her perseverance and drive, her intellect, and her excellent work ethic would not shine as brightly if not lit by her incredible attitude.  She takes ownership of her life choices.  She is cheerful and respectful to others even when she has the world on her shoulders.  In this way, despite her individuality, she is similar to the other strong women I admire.  She doesn't make excuses. 

I see this young woman and all of her potential and it is a privilege to watch her blossom.  I fully expect motherhood will only add to the sense of purpose that she has and the quiet strength she demonstrates each day.