Undisciplined Morning Routines?

I recently read an article on Forbes that made me scoff repeatedly throughout, an article about the importance of establishing a morning routine. I am often curious about the daily routines of successful people; what they read and when they exercise, and so on. It can only help me find inspiration to improve my own routines. However, this particular article made me roll my eyes at how terribly undisciplined adults have become.

The article talks about tips for making sure you get yourself out of bed on time every day, including having a bed time routine. Adults must be told this?  I require my own epiphany on this topic, which occurred when I was in the 11th grade. Actually, I knew it long before this, but I had a defining experience in chemistry class early one morning in 11th grade and caused me to commit to a disciplined bedtime routine.

I had worked late the night before, and had come home wanting to wind down a bit before I went to bed. I woke up for school the next morning on so little sleep that during my first period chemistry class my eyes hurt trying to keep them open. I struggled in chemistry, and I didn't need this added burden. From that point on, I committed to a bedtime routine. I find 7 hours to be optimal sleep for me, and I ensure that I build this into my nighttime schedule. This isn't a "life hack" as the article claims - this is common sense we should have hopefully acquired before becoming adults.

Another "tip" on this list is ensuring your alarms in the morning are configured in such a way to make sure you don't just hit snooze repeatedly and never wake up. One piece of advice is putting your alarm across the room, forcing you to wake up. This again just speaks to me about lack of discipline. I set two alarms everyday (my phone and my Fitbit) but neither alarm actually has to go off in the morning. My sleep schedule has become part of my biological rhythm - as they say it will if you commit to it - and now I wake up before my alarm every day, no matter for what time it is set. I have never hit snooze. I go to bed and set my alarms allowing myself the amount of sleep I need, and when it's time to get up, I get up. Proverbs 20:13: "Do not love sleep or you will grow poor."

The article goes on with more "advice" on making sure you dress appropriately for work and not arriving late because you can't get yourself together on time. It reminds you that eating breakfast and exercise can be good ways to start the day. Shocking.

I can see some of this being useful advice for teenagers or even young college students, but I fear more and more people are undisciplined about their morning habits.

Shortly after this I read a thread of comments on this topic and was relieved to discover many people chiming in to state that this was pretty elementary stuff and we should be aiming for more than scrambling out of bed and sliding into clothes to get out the door for work. Those first moments of the day do set the tone. Maybe it's not the same for everyone. Some people want to walk their dogs, or do yoga, or cook a hearty breakfast and watch the morning news. Maybe it's not what I would do, but I think it's important we have some higher goal than an exhaustive morning scramble to work everyday.