In 6 Months From Today

I recently watched a video online from a health coach that reiterated some good advice that my husband has given me over the years. He basically stated that time is going to pass whether you use it wisely or not. We will wake up six months from now and either have made progress or not, but the time will pass either way.

My husband basically said the same thing when I was deciding whether to pursue my master's degree. I said, "But I will be turning 35 before I finish it." And he said, "You'll turn 35 with or without the degree. The time will pass. Do you want it?"

That made it easy.

In six months from today it will be April 25th. Spring will be in full swing. Perhaps by then you'll have had a birthday. A new decade will be upon us. What are your goals?

If you save $250/month for 6 months, you'll have $1500.

If you lose 1 pound a week for 6 months, you'll lose roughly 24 pounds.

They say with proper discipline, certain languages can be learned conversationally within 6 months.

If you're looking to go back to school, by April you could be several credits into a new program.

A new habit you start today will be a lifestyle in 6 months.

What might six months of investment do for you and your goals?

People say "I'll get back on track on Monday." Or that they will start next year. But why wait? 28% of our lives in the weekends and there are 66 days left in this year to accomplish something important to you.

So many people stress over the goals they have not achieved. Everyone has a day one. Everyone has a day they started in their journey. Stop making excuses about someday and make today your day one. Come April 25th, you'll be so glad you did.