Day Zero Project Update - This is the Final Countdown!

As anyone who has read some of my previous posts will remember, back in March 2017 I signed up at DayZeroProject to create a "101 Things to do in 1001 Days" list. The mission of this website is to be an "online community for people who love creating lists, setting challenges, and making positive changes in their lives."

If that sums up any person, it is me!

I used this list to serve two ultimate purposes in terms of helping me grow and get out of my comfort zone.

1. I set really challenging goals in some areas that are truly important to me (finishing my master's degree, maintaining and expanding my fitness level, achieving goals within my career and finances) in order to keep me accountable to those ideals and push toward them.
2. I set some fun goals that are sort of out of the box for me to try new things, be lighthearted and expand my horizons (learning new recipes, completing my genealogy, taking a painting class, going to museums and celebrating milestones).

I have one month left to finish this list before it expires on December 3rd, and I am impressed and proud of the progress I have made. I have successfully already completed 79 of these goals 3 are in progress and a few marked as failed. For the each failed item I will be donating $10 to charity. At this point I have 13 failed items but we will see as the next month closes out if I will have a few more to fail out.

I have found using this website to be so fun and helpful! Because of this list I have achieved things I have always dreamed of doing and done some incredibly hard things (finished my master's degree and walked a full marathon - 26.2 miles). I have also created new traditions, become an American citizen, hit achievements in video games, read and listened to tons of new books, and literally published my own poetry books!

I am excited that come January 1, 2020, I am kicking off a new list! I like to think this is sort of taking it to the next level, marking off some things that I want to have achieved or have in place before my 40th birthday (which will be in the spring of 2023, just after this next list expires).

We are about to kick off a new decade - I like to think of this as my own person Roaring Twenties (hopefully without a great depression to follow!) - and I encourage anyone to use this free website to create a list and make the 2020's the decade where you achieve big things, turn dreams into reality and expand your horizons!

For laughs, here are some things I have included in my next list:

  • Write another book of poetry
  • Blog at least once a week for a full year (look out!)
  • Do a half marathon at Disneyland
  • Read 40 new books
  • Celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary
  • Get a selfie with a famous person!
  • Pose with the Rocky Statue in Philly
  • Take belly dancing lessons
  • Buy a piece of art from the artist
  • Go to my 200th BodyPump class since starting back
  • Make it into the top 10% at work