Sharing Our Gifts

As we edge ever closer to the Christmas season (next week is Thanksgiving, but I have had my tree up for over a week!), we talk about gifts. Giving and receiving gifts is always a huge topic at Christmastime; for some it is a matter of stress and for others it is a source of excitement.

I love giving gifts. Gifting is my favorite way to express love and I think I am fairly creative in some of my gift giving. I like to make people really feel like I thought about them during the process. And as Frasier tells his dad on a funny episode of Frasier, "spontaneous gift giving is one of life's great pleasures!"

However, it is not only physical gifts that we can give to one another. It puts me in mind of the quote below:

"You must believe, deep inside of you, that you were born to do more than survive, make a living and die. You were born created with a gift trapped inside of you; your job is to find that gift and serve it to the world." - Dr. Myles Munroe

I love the phrase serve it to the world. I refer to these as our spiritual gifts, but however you refer to them, we are all born with a unique capacity to give back to others. To share with them our inherent gifts.

It is an interesting point of reflection for me because I feel like in certain ways my personality is totally at odds with my gift. As many who know me well know, I can be direct and abrasive, detached, unemotional, and my grim distaste for the undisciplined and excuse making people is well know.

So it is funny that my gift is to encourage. My desire to help others achieve their dreams and goals is so deeply rooted in me that when I am not permitted to do it I feel absolutely squelched. And even though occasionally my approach may come across a bit like tough love, it is indeed an act of love. Whether it is a friend, coworker, my own employee, someone else's employee, a team mate or a family member, I love to see someone rise above their own expectations and achieve great things.

Whether that thing is to lose weight, get in shape, save money, formulate a business plan, overhaul the status quo, write a book, whatever it is, I am oddly well equipped to get them organized, set up with a plan and encourage them. And the encouraging words are not lip service. When I invest myself in someone in this way, I believe in them. I believe in them so deeply that I cannot always articulate it into words. Their struggle is my struggle, their hope is my hope and their success is my sheer delight.

It may not always come across this way when I can assume as somewhat militant posture when people make excuses. I have no time for excuses. We get one life, we get one chance to live our dreams and give back to the world. Life is not meant for baby steps or excuses. The time is now. I can be rather unforgiving in this regard!

But once we get past excuses, I am in. You tell me your dream, and now it is my dream for you to achieve it. And I can happily invest hours in the research and development stage of this knowing that at some point it will pay off. I take so much joy in a life well lived!

I encourage everything to take inventory of their unique gifts. What burns inside of you to give? What thing builds within you a source of relentless passion and energy? What are you capable of giving to the world around you that is unique to you? The world needs that, and there is no better time than now to share it!


  1. Perhaps you could use your gift to help me find my gift!


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