Be a Blessing Where You Are

I had the pleasure of talking recently to someone who was sharing with me her immediate plans of changing jobs. She is leaving what she currently does in order to go back to being a hair stylist on her own. I am always intrigued and celebrate people making bold changes in their life - especially if there is an entrepreneurial vein to it - and told her I think this is a great idea. She shared that she wants to do it because she feels like she will be better able as a stylist to connect with people one-on-one and make a difference in their lives.

I loved this. It's so nice to hear people talking about what they are doing to give back or help! And I started thinking that if we are not right now in a place where we can be a blessing, we need to make some changes and get into a place where we can be a blessing.

But it's hard to think about a place to be where there is no opportunity whatsoever to be a blessing to others. I can think about the people who make a difference or brighten my day in all kinds of ways.

For starters, my own hair stylist. I have been seeing her once a month since 2013. I feel like I am closer to her than many of my friends. Once a month, we catch up, she remembers the details of my life. We share jokes, she offers a perspective on different situations that I tell her about. She is very encouraging, and I have never once walked out of her salon without feeling like I enjoyed her company tremendously.

I have had Uber drivers share stories with me that have brightened my day. I have had clients that I talk to on the phone say things that they probably didn't realize were a blessing. Service technicians, delivery people, fitness instructors, my neighbors, my family doctor - these are people who at various times have all found a way to be a blessing in what they are doing.

We all have the capacity in what we are doing to be a blessing wherever we are at. And if you seriously don't have the capacity, then you are not where you are meant to be.