Christmas Reflections - Part 2

Eighteen years ago, back in December 2001, I had my last Christmas in my hometown in Canada. We didn't know yet then that it was our last, and we were all engaged in fairly normal activities. My mom was working, my siblings were attending high school or junior high, and I was reaching the end of my first term of college.

I had a benign bone tumor on my left knee that had been there at least since I was a little kid if not forever, but I was on a waiting list to have this removed as I was beginning to experience issues with my knee during physical activity (and if I knew then what I know now, I'd have left it! My knees are both worse!). Because Christmas was looming before us, the hospital got a cancellation and called me to see if I could schedule my surgery for right before Christmas.

One week before Christmas, a very sad and tearful young version of me was wheeled into the operating room. I was truly terrified, less so of the surgery itself but I fear anything that "puts you to sleep." I remember being wheeled in and then from that point on I hardly remember anything up to and including the New Year!

Let's just say anesthesia seems to hit me pretty hard!

However, a few days before Christmas, when I was a little more with it (though still in quite a bit of pain), my dear friend came over to my house through the winter night, with a bag of A&W onion rings and the intent to clean my bedroom. I am a neat freak, and she knew that, and she knew that over the course of a few days of being an invalid my bedroom had fallen into a frustrating state for me.

I honestly don't really remember it very clearly, but there are quite a bit of pictures highlighting our fun that evening in my dopey state. And I am very glad because it is the last time we got to spend any time at Christmas together.

Good friendships, the kind that come and clean up after your mess when you're down, are the kind of friendships we should all feel blessed to have at Christmastime!