Review: Strange Planet - Nathan W. Pyle

I remember when I first discovered Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet comic on Instagram earlier this year. The humorous encounters within the short comics are great observations about life. These beings, as Pyle calls them, experience life in a way that when we observe it we see it as funny, ridiculous, silly and sweet. These beings indeed live on a strange planet.

I pre-ordered the book as a gift as soon as it went on sale, and sure enough that same person reciprocated and ordered it for me and we exchanged eagerly last month. Despite following the comics on Instagram and Facebook there is new content in the book that has been a delight to view.

The beings communicate in English - but very formal English. They don't state they are getting a sun tan, instead they are getting star damage. They speak in simple, obvious phrases - but not obvious. No one speaks like this, but we say the same things when we are being serious. But stripped down to formal English and simple phrases, the beings appear comical - a reflection in so many ways of how we would look if other beings could see us.

The beings themselves are cute, nondescript and for the most part, nameless. There are larger beings, the adults, and then smaller beings which are the children. There are pets. There is music. There is life and the story-line is hilarious and charming.

I'm not sure if the word is viral or famous or renowned, but whatever it is, these comics have become it and it is a delight to see. People love them, everyone! It crosses age, gender, background, political bias or personal taste. These comics are hilarious, but they are completely wholesome, and a testament that we do not need to be vulgar to get a laugh.

One of my favorite comics includes where the beings throw a surprise party for their friend. As the being enters into the room, unsuspecting, the other beings jump out and yell, "we deceived you!" Who wouldn't smile?

In a world of shock value, I smile every time I see one of these comics in my newsfeed, reminding me of all the hilarity and charm of everyday life. This book was worth the wait and is a great collection of these comics. It makes you wonder how Pyle's imagination works!