Stop Taking Baby Steps

"Stop taking baby steps through life." - Niles Crane, Frasier

It is fitting that I am ending the year with a Frasier quote (which, by the way, is being pulled from Netflix tomorrow!). But as we close not only this year but this decade, I am reflecting on this very theme of not taking baby steps through life.

I have had friends over the years who hesitantly took baby steps in their journey, and while I would agree that baby steps are better than a total stand still, at some point we have to reach a level of emotional and intellectual maturity where we can take brisk strides.

Babies take baby steps. They are uncertain and unstable on their feet. They wobble. They lack the confidence to take normal strides. So they stumble and fall and sometimes they walk with their hands on the furniture (I am thinking of my baby nephew and wonder when he will grace us with this new delight!). But before long, they are taking solid steps and then even running. I have seen some toddlers take dance classes or gymnastics and they are more competent on their feet than I am!

So it should be through life. We go through the struggles of our young lives, finding who we are, and occasionally we encounter a setback that causes us to stumble. But hopefully we are moving forward with brisk strides, confident and emotionally secure.

Life is full of risk. Life guarantees us heartache. But we cannot linger hesitantly all the time afraid to take a step forward. The lack of progress is a loss in and of itself. We are losing out when we choose not to, as Tennyson said, "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

We are embarking on a new decade, a new time of change, adventure and possibility. And yes, bad days will come to each of us. We will face disappointment and loss. But we must be confident that we are moving in the direction of our purpose and our dreams.

I hope sincerely that someone reading this will feel empowered to step into this new year with confidence toward a new dream, a new love, a new opportunity.

And if this is not inspiring enough then let me leave you with this quote that is much more eloquent than I am: "A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are build for." - John A. Shedd

To all my readers, have a wonderful and happy New Year. Thank you for the feedback and support this year, and I hope you will all subscribe to my blog and interact with me even more in 2020!