The Countless Reasons I Am Proud of My Husband

My husband turns 37 today, and I am using it as a reason to celebrate all of the reasons why I am so lucky to be married to him!

When I met him he was 17, so I have literally known him all of his adult life. I have seen him grow as a man, developing his ideas and becoming the amazing person he is today. In some small ways I think I have influenced him (I take full credit for him considering the libertarian view point he espouses today!), but in many ways he has been an influence on me, also.

My husband is the biggest introvert I know. Despite being an introvert myself, we are on totally different planes with this. He calls me a "faketrovert" because he said he cannot even fathom my level of extrovertedness compared to how introverted he is! But because of this, he is extremely thoughtful. I would at times call my husband a brooder, but that has a negative connotation and the fact is that he quite often broods on more positive things.

It's true that he will be the first to say he saw a calamity coming, but he also sees the best in people. In a movie or TV show, he will often see the kindness, empathy or redeemability in the lowest characters. He sees humanity in people. He is able to separate bad behavior and bad choices from the person itself - a person who has value and worth. This is, in my eyes, a tremendous and rare trait.

On the other hand, he is also extremely sensitive, or perhaps the better word is astute, regarding people with nothing but ill intentions. There have been times over the years where he has declined to go because "those people give me a bad feeling."

I love how broad his thinking is and how he doesn't limit people to sticking them into a box based on where they are from, their background, or a couple of things they enjoy. He sees how multidimensional people can be, and perhaps that is why I was so connected to him from the beginning. He understands how one person could be a gun-carrying, freedom loving, gluten free feminist with many traditional values who cares about environmental sustainability and also personal rights and government deregulation - because that is HIM! His nature is dynamic and yet consistent which is part of what makes him so easy to relate to and likable. And it definitely helps him appreciate the dynamic personalities around him. This trait of his made him very attractive to me from the beginning.

I personally think he is brilliant. He is well read, diverse, and puts a lot of thought into his positions. When he makes an argument to support a position he comes very well armed with facts and details, but even more than that, an understanding of the opposing view that he has also well researched. One of the best parts of being married to him is the limitless potential for deep, engaging conversations. We discuss any and every topic, we enjoy debate together, and I love seeking his opinion on everything. Sometimes we disagree and even argue (even about politics, even though we both share a libertarian view!), but I love having someone so sharp to debate with regularly! He is a bear to play Trivial Pursuit against also! His intelligence keeps me brighter and sharper.

Not unlike his parents before him, he is genuinely and naturally good, with a good heart, a huge sense of generosity and he takes great pleasure in demonstrating the thought he puts into others. You are very lucky when he draws your name for Secret Santa! 

He has the best sense of humor, and is great at making people laugh without doing it at their expense. He can poke fun but he never does so in a cruel way. He can make people laugh at themselves in a good way, and he can neutralize a charged situation with a joke very easily.

My husband truly understands love and puts it into action each day, choosing patience and forgiveness, choosing thoughtfulness and generosity. And in return, people genuinely like him. His employees and coworkers always loved him, he has maintained friendships with people from all areas of his life, and my family adores him.

In him, I have found a friend, an equal counterpart, a cheerleader and a firm shoulder to lean on. I have found someone that I know I can love unconditionally. Literally no conditions. No matter what happens, I am his partner in crime, his advocate, his patsy, his champion.

I am so pleased to celebrate him on his birthday, and everyday, because there is truly no one like him anywhere.