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Re-Entering Society

This week, the Governor of Texas (along with many other states) announced that they will honor the April 30th expiration of last month's "stay-at-home" order - permitting certain businesses to begin reopening with the hope that through several phases, life will return to normal.

As a libertarian, this pleases me. It alarms me the vast overreach the government so easily presumed to take during this crisis. It alarms me how easily Americans handed over their rights. It alarms me how many so-called freedom loving people found ways to justify the government over reach.

As a concerned citizen, I do worry about the health and well-being of myself, my family and everyone else. I read that in Dallas County yesterday's death count included a teenager. That is sad and scary. There is certainly a dangerous component to this virus where even young people are at risk.

But people throw around statistics to validate their side of the story. Those fear mongering throw around huge nu…

One More For The Road

I thought given the fact that I just finished my 6th (holy crap, seriously, 6th?!) week of isolation, I needed to write about something a little lighter!

I met my first boyfriend at a skating rink where I used to figure skate poorly and play hockey a little bit better (I was a goalie, less skating is required!). I was young and he was a little bit older. I knew him for a full year before we started "flirting" - such as it is when you are young - and I remember when I first met him thinking how cute he was with his blonde hair that curled just a bit over his forehead. And yet years later when we parted ways, looking back, somehow all of it seems less cute to me!

I don't think back on him with wistfulness or any regrets but rather with a very thankful heart that my first foray into the romantic was with such a kind, respectful and sweet person. There is no doubt, my first boyfriend set the tone for future men in my life, and set an expectation for me that men would be kind…

Something to Look Forward To

The saying goes that the secret to being happy is having something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love. While simplistic, I find this mostly to be true for me as when I am occupied my hands and my mind keep from being idle. And it's true that loving someone is the greatest pleasure you can have. But lately, it's that last one that we struggle with, as everything in the world seems put on hold right now.

I almost regret that I will never have grandchildren, so that in years to come I could sit with them and tell them about the Great Quarantine of 2020 - when somehow in a synchronized effort, everyone everywhere agreed we need to all stay home. Where we couldn't even get a haircut, couldn't see our family members, and where the store shelves remained bare of many essentials. Where we looked in curiosity and disgust at those going out without masks in the more affected areas. Even writing this, it blows my mind that this is the situation.

But as I sit …

Quarantine Reflections: Did I Already Have This?

I am living that quarantine life with the rest of most North Americans right now, watching from my window as spring descends upon us and the government is closing down all of the city parks. But as we now see the stories of the people coming out the other side of this dreaded corona virus, I think back to a funny story from February.

It was right before Valentine's Day. I was in a Verizon store with my husband getting us new phones as my commission check had just come in and I had been so excited to upgrade to a Samsung Note 10+ (which, by the way, is awesome).

It was a cold day and I distinctly remember regretting that I had to wear a jacket because, as I said to my husband, "under this big jacket you cannot see the definition in my arms." I had been working out hard and seeing progress.

But while we were waiting for the Verizon guy to go retrieve our phone cases from the back I looked at my husband very seriously and said, "I haven't been totally honest with y…

Coping in Quarantine

By now nearly all of us are experiencing some level of restriction in our lives due to the corona virus. Some states are recommending people stay at home as much as possible, whereas others have very strict rules in place about going out in public. Here in north Texas, our "shelter in place" restrictions have been extended until May 20th. That was hard news to hear.

However, this is the situation and I can get frustrated or I can choose to find ways to make this manageable for me, not only so I don't lose my mind but so these 2+ months of my life are not wasted. I don't want to zone out in front of the TV for the duration of this and come out with nothing to show for it.

So, I wanted to share some of the things I am doing to ensure that my life in quarantine is as meaningful as possible.

The first thing is that I am waking up to work at a normal time for me, which is between 5 and 6am. I wake up, have my breakfast, wash and dry my hair and style it and while I don…