Something to Look Forward To

The saying goes that the secret to being happy is having something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love. While simplistic, I find this mostly to be true for me as when I am occupied my hands and my mind keep from being idle. And it's true that loving someone is the greatest pleasure you can have. But lately, it's that last one that we struggle with, as everything in the world seems put on hold right now.

I almost regret that I will never have grandchildren, so that in years to come I could sit with them and tell them about the Great Quarantine of 2020 - when somehow in a synchronized effort, everyone everywhere agreed we need to all stay home. Where we couldn't even get a haircut, couldn't see our family members, and where the store shelves remained bare of many essentials. Where we looked in curiosity and disgust at those going out without masks in the more affected areas. Even writing this, it blows my mind that this is the situation.

But as I sit here I remind myself that this will indeed pass, and when it does, the world will come alive again. I told my husband recently, "I think when this is over I will become an extrovert. My introverted self has been fully satisfied. I have had my peace and quiet. I am ready to meet everyone on earth!"

So for me it does help to think about and look forward to the things I am going to do when the world opens up to us again - after I get a haircut, that is, because that is priority number one right now!

I want to go out and eat my entire body weight in sushi. I haven't had sushi in two months, and while I haven't even checked to see if the local sushi restaurants are still delivering, I just feel perhaps that uncooked fish is a bad choice with a virus lurking about. But I am craving some sushi badly and I hope that is my first outing!

I want to be with my family. I have seen one of my sisters once and my mom briefly twice since this began, all with a purposeful intent and in a short meeting. While I communicate regularly with my family via text, it isn't the same. One of my sisters is midway through her pregnancy now and I am very sad that I cannot see her and be with her more during this time! I have always been close to my family and with the exception of the two years where I lived a few hundred miles away, I have always seen them on a fairly regular basis - and for a long time my sisters and mom and I all worked in the same building and had lunch together everyday! It is hard to know they are just a few minutes down the road and I am not seeing them.

I want to go on a trip. Many trips. I want to see America, and then I want to see the world. I want to have solo trips, and I want to go with my sisters. I want to meet my best friend in a new city and explore. I want to meet people (which I am sure I've never said that before!) and enjoy people in nearby company (though I'll probably never enjoy people snuggling up on me in public!).

I'd like to take some lessons on my guitar and in the past I have always been shy about both doing that and committing to do that, but I don't want to go forward being shy about things.

I hope I never again take for granted the freedom to grocery shop freely and with ease. Or the ability to get in an Uber without wondering if we are going to contaminate one another. I look forward to giving my husband a kiss when he leaves for work - because in the past month we have even isolated a bit within reason at home because of where he works and my underlying issue with asthma. I honestly cannot wait to get back to the gym and back to BODYPUMP and the amazing energy in those classes.

I hope I spend my time in isolation well and so far I think I have done that. But I have hope in the things I have to look forward to when this is over!