But She Was So Young!

I refer back, as always, to an episode of Frasier where due to a mix up at the hospital, it is briefly reported that he has died. Frasier is in shock as he sees his death reported on the news. It causes him to reflect on all of the things he has never done in his life, and people begin reminding him that not only is he not dead, he is still so young and can achieve all his goals still.

I was chatting with my sister this weekend about my upcoming birthday - I turn 37 next week. I said it is hard to believe I am 37 when in fact I feel about 15 most of the time (minus the arthritis and acid reflux!). She mentioned Marilyn Monroe and I said, "Wow, I will be older than she ever was."

My sister's response was, "In that case, you've had such a short life!"

That is how we talk about Marilyn Monroe and others like her that pass away far too young. We always say, "Oh no, she was so young!" So much life left, so much left undone.

I feel like I am getting to the point where many people my age - especially women - lament by saying, "I feel so old" or "I am getting so old." And it sounds very ridiculous when you consider what people would say if we died at this point!

I'd like to think I could write a book around the experiences I have had so far. But I know for sure the bigger book would be everything I have not done yet. In so many ways, I feel like I am just getting started.

Middle age is around the corner, but why is that alarming? Does it change how I look today? How I feel right now? How I view myself or my attitude about life? No. And the truth is that we don't know, any of us, how long we will have. We have today, and I am not going to waste today feeling old, feeling spent or feeling like the best is all behind me. I refuse to live that way.

I think about Marilyn Monroe, who lived a far harsher life than I have so far, and how when we look back on her beauty and her legacy we think, "but she was so young!" And so am I!