What the World Needs Now is Love

I hate to seem cheesy and steal the line from the song, but it's true: what the world needs now is love.

Like millions, I was disgusted and heartbroken this week to see the senseless killing of George Floyd. In fact, images of the act leave me feeling completely sick to my stomach every time I think of it.

I'm not just sick because it's cop on civilian violence. I am not just sick because it's racial violence. I am sick because that any human can do this to someone - and others watch without interfering! - is just a heartbreaking representation of humanity. There is no humanity in it.

This violence then just led to further violence and unhelpful behavior and so the cycle continues.

But then I went on social media and saw my friend Lisa had shared a fundraiser for her local non-profit organization, and I saw the good that is being done to help others, and it just struck me as so beautiful.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

There is so much hate, and there isn't more now than ever before in history, we just see more because of social media.There has always been so much hate. But what a perfect solution love is to it.

Love is free. Everyone can do it. And it's not just a word but like Lisa shows, it's an act. Love is a verb. And when she and I and countless others make the choice to go out into the world with love, we can drive out that hate.

I feel a sense of despair when I see the terrible things humans are capable of doing to one another. But I feel a tremendous burst of hope when I see what Lisa and many others do everyday to change people's lives for the better. To truly love their fellow man and woman.

If you are reading this, I beg you - whether it's this issue or COVID or any other - treat people with kindness. Love them. Disagree, but be respectful. Do a kind thing for someone you know. Invest your time or money into something to change someone's life. Forgive someone or be patient with someone. For the true love of God, if for nothing else, because love is the only thing that can change this.