1000 Days From Today

 In 1000 days from today, I will turn 40 years old.

I mark the 1000 days because of the Day Zero project goals I always set which are "101 Things to do in 10001 Days" and just how fast those 1001 days always seem to fly by! How much your life can change in 1001 days, especially for the good if you put in the effort.

I am not sure how I should feel - there is always so much drama around turning 40. But I feel challenged, intrigued, and totally empowered that I will reach 40 in the best possible shape of my life, in a good situation, ready to dominate my forties with the same enthusiasm and determination in which I have so far conquered my thirties.

It also causes me to reflect on how great my thirties have been, and how despite how great my twenties were, my thirties were better. If the trend continues, my forties will be amazing.

Age is just a number, and that is not just a cliche. It is truly just the anniversary of how many physical revolutions your body has made around the sun. Who we are, how we live, how we give back to this world and make the most of each day has nothing to do with age.

I have known people at 20 who were not "young at heart." And I have known people at 70 who has as much youth and liveliness as anyone. I think back to some women I met when I was in my early twenties and they were in their early forties. Some of them seemed so energetic and put together, women who really had it figured out. And some, by their early forties, were truly already old ladies.

I entered my thirties with excitement. It wasn't that I finally had myself figured out. On the one hand, I had myself figured out long before adulthood. On the other, I will never have myself full figured out because I will never stop growing. It wasn't that. It was that when I reached thirty, I had the credibility to match my confidence, I had the resources to match my enthusiasm. I had a lot of struggles in my twenties, with immigration, infertility, financial limitations and so on. By thirty, I had overcome those struggles. I entered my thirties with so much hope and excitement.

And my thirties have of course brought challenges as well. I lost my dad in my early thirties. I have lost important friendships. I sacrificed so much of my time for the first half of my thirties getting my degrees. But I have a career that I love - in fact, I love it so much that calling it a career sounds pompous as hell to me. I have a fun job. I have a job that pays me really well to be absolutely myself all day long, and gives me incredible flexibility. Career sounds far too somber for how much fun I have in my workday. 

And here I am, at 37 years old and I am in the best shape of my life, in the best health of my life. I have put in the effort and literally reversed all signs and symptoms of my PCOS. I am debt free (other than my mortgage), I am educated, happy, financial stable and have so much independence in my life.

If you had asked me when I was 20 what I thought 37 would look like, it would not be anywhere close to what it is for me. Where I am is so much better than I imagined. So much better for me. And it hasn't been by accident. I wake up every single morning excited about what the day will bring. I have so much hope, and rarely does that hope get let down. When you reach out to embrace life, it generally embraces you back.

I think of some women I know, some that I know are reading this, that have gone before me into their forties and fifties, setting a brilliant example of everything I want to be as I "grow up." They are lively, compassionate, fun loving women that don't just live their own best life - they make everyone's life around them better just by being a part of it.

I hope the next 1000 days set me up to end my thirties on a high note, and begin my forties how I hope to do so: fit, happy, energetic. Ready to give my best to each day and to the world.