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Not Sitting Down

 I don't normally set "New Year's Resolutions." If I decide on a Tuesday at noon that I have a new resolution, I start then. I don't even wait for the next day. That being said, I do sometimes like to think of a theme for a new year. Last year, I said that in 2020 I wanted to live with more intent and purpose and to love people better - I feel very confident that I have acted in accordance with that theme all year long.  Of course, 2020 brought us COVID but it also brought us suppression. Oppression. A system that is doing its best to dominate us. So as I think of 2021 and a new theme, I keep thinking about the words resistance and freedom. I think we are convinced that if we question anything anymore that we are weird, that we will be labeled a conspiracy theorist, that our friends and family will roll their eyes or shun us. And yet the more I talk about this with people - such as random uber drivers, delivery people, friends, and coworkers - I find that a lot of

Clarity - My New Collection of Poetry

I am going to begin with an admission. My new poetry book - Clarity - which I am tremendously proud of, is named Clarity for two reasons. The first is because it is a word that stood out to me in a poem I wrote called "Higher Standard" and the word itself has two definitions. One relates to coherency, the other relates to purity. Both of these words stood out to me as important in terms of how I view this collection. The other reason and I cannot help but chuckle even as I type this, is the lame pun I am making on the year being 2020 and vision! My first book of poetry was written over the course of nearly two decades, from my teen years until I was thirty. It encompassed the feelings of growth, my hopes for the future, and included the reflections on my parents, the early years of marriage, the close friendships I had with several women and much of it was dedicated to personal growth and my ideals about personal growth for myself. My second poetry book was written entirely i