When I was a little girl, I remember my dad pontificating at length (you'd have to have known my dad to realize I am smiling at this) about the scourge of communism on the world. I may have been six or seven years old but after these conversations, I remember vividly thinking that I was so lucky to have been born where I was, to the parents that I had, and not suffering and oppressed in some other country.

Oppressed. My dad always used that word.

He would talk about the rights that we need to maintain a free society, and one of those of course is the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Reflecting on this as I grew up, I of course noticed there tends to be a media bias, but I have always been reassured that there have always been "rogue" outlets for dissenting voices to be heard.

Yesterday we learned that President Trump had been banned from Facebook and Twitter. Some people called him a dictator. But last I checked, and please correct me if I am wrong, dictators do not get censored. Dictators censor others.

I would never, ever have voted for either Trump or Biden. I did not vote for either of them. I do not like Trump. But to have the leader of the free world censored in his own country - well, it's starting to sound like the country is being overthrown by big tech in cahoots with the political left.

I don't care who you voted for, it doesn't matter - you should be horrified that this censorship is occurring. Not just with Trump. Facebook has long been shutting down Libertarian pages, and those pages have moved to smaller, freer platforms. Now, people speaking out in support of free speech are getting censored. Everything we post is "fact-checked" and anything that disagrees with the narrative is being covered with a warning - even when the details within are 100% accurate!

You don't care when it's Trump, because you don't like him. And maybe when they start shutting down some outlets that you don't use or find helpful, you won't care then. But they will eventually come for you. They already are. They are listening through our devices, and they determine what we can post and share freely without these labels. They are censoring you.

And yet, we are entitled and lazy about it, even when we know it's happening. I have a small circle where some of us have deleted Facebook or Instagram, but most of us still have at least one. I deleted Facebook over a month ago, but I cling to Instagram still, because I have "reasons." But those of us who continue to maintain Twitter, Google, Facebook, or Instagram accounts (and others) are silently being okay with what is going on. We are saying, "At this moment, I am looking the other way."

We should care. We should be worried. Now is the time to stand up against this, and not after they have taken all of our freedoms. The people we think are in charge (the president) are clearly not, there are other powers at work here and they are working in perfect synchronization to make us feel fear, to make us feel like what they are doing is for our best interest. But anyone who picks up a history book will know this isn't knew. This is an old tale being retold.