When it enough going to finally be enough?

I remember my first meeting that got canceled due to COVID. It was the end of February last year. I had been in the office the week before for a meeting and then suddenly, the risk was too much and the meeting was virtual. You know, just for a few weeks until this goes away.

Then I remember my sister, just a few weeks later, texting me to ask if I had gone to stock up on toilet paper. I was confused, and I had not, and turns out I was remiss. I had no rational thought that people would madly go out and buy all the meat and toilet paper. For a brief time, I was without both food and toilet paper!

Two weeks to flatten the curve became two months, then nine months, and here we are nearly a year into this. I understand the hesitation early on. A new virus, spreading quickly, with no information and no idea what the impact on lives would be.

But now we have over 80 million infections worldwide. We know that in America our survivall rate for this virus is greater than 99%. But we are masked. We are encouraged to stay away from our loved ones. We are letting businesses fail, letting people foreclose on homes, letting people fall into drug addiction, letting people become desperate.

I saw a bunch of kids outside yesterday playing - socially distanced and in masks. This is not how kids should be playing.

The elites in the media are telling us how to live our lives while disregarding their own policies. When lockdowns were in effect, we had politicaisn still getting their hair and nails done. They told us not to celebrate the holidays with our families, but coverage (not mainstream coverage, mind you) showed media elites, politicians and pro-lockdwon celebrities visiting with their families. The rules don't apply to them, you see.

None of this - and let me repeat that, NONE OF THIS - is geared toward keeping us safe. This is about control. If this virus was so damn dangerous, then 6 feet apart wouldn't be enough, masks (that studies have shown are not effective against particles this small) would not be enough. This is just enough to try to break us. Break our will. Break our economy. Break our society. Make us relinquish our freedom.

We handed over two weeks easily, then months, and now nearly a year. Of our lives. You realize we only get one life to live? When is it enough? When are we fed up with these out of touch elites crushing our will?

If you want to wear a mask, go for it. You want to socially distance, go for it. I believe in freedom, you do you. But don't limit me. Don't tell me what I have to do. Let me live my life and see the people I love and breathe the fresh air. Something is going to kill me someday, probably not COVID, and I'd like to make the most of my numbered days until then.