If You're Offended, I Am Not Sorry

It's really hard to believe that my belief in freedom, peace, and that your rights deserve to be protected even when I disagree could cause someone to be offended.

But people are often offended by things that challenge their perspective. I believe that being easily offended is a sign that you are letting people have too much control over how you feel. I can hear someone speak words to me that I disagree with and I can still respect them, still value them, and not feel personally attacked or injured by it.

I will not stop speaking up in defense of freedom. I will not stop actively cherishing our natural rights. And yes, that has cost me blog subscribers, followers and might even cost me friends. Standing up for our freedom is worth all of that.

I am a libertarian. I believe in freedom for each individual to pursue happiness in their own way so long as it doesn't infringe on anyone else's rights. I believe in personal responsibility and that in real freedom, we maintain a serious responsibility to respect ourselves and others. And it turns out, some people in this country believe that being a libertarian is on par with terrorism, that it is a threat.

That is sad. But even still, I will not be quiet. Because there are only a few things in my life that matter more to me than freedom does. Without freedom, I cannot have the life I want. Not a single wish or dream that I have involves hurting, oppressing, or stealing from another person. But every dream I have involves my ability to wander freely. To think freely. To love freely. And it turns out, some people hate this.

I feel sad for those people. Those people that preach tolerance but are desperate to cram me into some mold of politically correct nonsense where my language and beliefs and ideals match theirs. I feel sad for them, but I do not feel threatened by them. And I will not be quiet to appease those people.

Who is any other person to take my freedom? To silence me? To take away the freedom that was given to me by God. These freedoms are not bestowed by a group of elites to give and take at their will. And if God gives my freedom then I will feel at peace using my voice, my actions, my best efforts, to stand up in defense of it.