I keep hearing people say - mostly in response to my outbursts - that they don't mind wearing masks. They may even like it. They prefer it, they don't find them uncomfortable or annoying, and they don't find them to be an infringement on their personal liberty.

But in many cases, these people are like me. Relatively privileged. I don't have to go to the office every day and wear a mask for 8-10 hours. I don't have to wear a mask when I'm sweating. I don't have to wear a mask when I am trying to have a discussion with my coworkers or clients. 

I am not going to sit here and pretend my situation is typical. I work at home, I have a full gym at home, my groceries are delivered to me, and I can literally go weeks without being obligated to put on a mask. If and when I have to wear a mask, it's usually my choice for something I don't need to do but want to do.

I think about my family and others I know that wear a mask all day at work. My mom is one of these, working on-site in a laboratory 8-10 hours a day and throughout the COVID peaks, far more. She is sick of the masks. She has to wear them in every meeting while trying to connect with her employees and peers. Trying to build relationships with half their faces covered. I know others too, wearing masks during fairly physical labor jobs, breathing in their carbon dioxide all day, sweating, developing breakouts and rashes, even infections. I don't usually hear these people saying they love what masks are doing to our society.

In school, I never tended to look too deeply in literature for symbolism. I am pretty literal and take things at face value. However, with the masks, I am more and more driven to thinking about the symbolism of the masks. 

First of all, masks are used to obscure identity. That is why we wear them with a costume. Or to commit crimes. Masks hide who we are. They take away the things that make us identifiable. Secondly, to cover the mouth is like to silence someone. It is a symbolic gesture of limiting our speech. Which, is our speech not being limited? Is it not being censored? I have reshared posts on Instagram where to get into the post you had to acknowledge that fact-checkers deemed the story as fake! The stories were studies from medical journals!

So, putting these two things together is an attempt to assimilate everyone into a silenced, identityless, soft will populace.

It is one thing when members of a society choose to mask for their own health reasons. It is entirely different when they mandate it.

And what business is it of the GOVERNMENT to ensure my health? They can't do the things they are supposed to do correctly. I don't need the same organization that cannot balance a budget to save their lives trying to protect mine.

I will say it a thousand times: this is not about protecting us, or saving us, or having our best interests at heart. This is about CONTROL.