Us vs. Them

 This is us versus them.

Not republicans versus democrats. Not left versus right. It's far deeper than that. It's the authoritarian state against free individuals. And yes, there are democrats and republicans being swept up in the "us versus them" narrative perpetuated by the media, namely Trump and Biden. But this is so much bigger than that.

But they want us to be at each other. Reporting each other on social media. Lost in the minutia bickering with one another because it distracts us from the real issue - we are losing our freedom at an alarming rate.

Scapegoating is basically the oldest trick in the political book, so of course, there are scapegoats on both "sides." Butt he sides they are offering us are really the same side - the state. 

You can label me a conspiracy theorist, but I think nearly all of what we see in the mainstream media is staged to incite emotions within the general public. Cause us to react irrationally and take action and take sides that make no sense but rather they cause us to abandon the real fight - a fight for our freedom.

What we need is not a civil war. It is a revolution.

We need to stand up and begin demanding our rights back. We need to stop bickering with idiots on the internet and start focusing on the real target - the authoritarian "leaders" that are backed and protected by Big Tech.

I am a libertarian and I believe in the non-aggression principle. However, I also believe we are bound to defend our rights when they come for us.

The answer, no matter what you ask me, freedom. What has the government ever done correctly that we would assume they actually have our best interests at heart? When people simply defending the freedom of speech are being threatened to be de-platformed? This is not an example of the free market run amok. This is corporatism. The big tech companies are armed with wealth and resources and they have bought themselves the protection of the most corrupt organization in the country - the federal government. Who would ever look to these companies to save us?!

No one cared when it was the libertarian pages only being banned off of Facebook. When it was us weird fringe freedom extremists that were getting warned and de-platformed. But if you believe in freedom, they are coming for you. Don't wait until you're the only one left.