Creating Our Own Perceptions

I hate when people use the word "aspiring" to describe themselves. 

You're an "aspiring" writer? Athlete? Musician? Entrepreneur? Another word for aspiring is wishful. Stop qualifying or limiting yourself by using a word like aspiring.

A friend and I were discussing this just this week. He is a cyclist. He said he views himself and trains like an athlete, not a hobbyist. And I said the same thing about myself. Whatever I am, I AM. I'm not aspiring to be it, I am.

I think when we use a word like aspiring we are sort of bashfully walking back our true intentions to avoid criticism. I used to do this. I was an aspiring writer. But I've written this blog for 4 years and have 3 published books of poetry, not to mention other writing I have done. I'm a writer. 

When we use words like "aspiring" we are sort of insecurely admitting that we feel like a fraud in the arena we are in. Just because I'm not James Michener doesn't mean I don't bring value and appeal as a writer. I stopped using that word. In fact, when I meet people and they ask what I do I often say "I am a writer" without even telling them what I do for a day job. My day job is something I do (and admittedly enjoy very much) but being a writer is part of who I am.

Stop walking back your passions with passivity. Frame yourself with confidence. Be what you are, even if you are a novice, even if you aren't the best. Because when we stop viewing ourselves wistfully and start visualizing ourself as successful and valuable, that's when we change the game.