Freedom is beautiful. Freedom in life, freedom in love, freedom to be ourselves. And it is not a privilege bestowed upon us by our leaders. It is an inherent, God-given state that springs from our soul.

That is why we are so drawn to freedom. That is why so many people have sacrificed everything in order to gain it or keep it.

Any type of oppression or suppression violates our spiritual need for freedom. Whether it is that those who love us do not do so with freedom (and if not, how is that even love?), or whether it is another entity that is removing that freedom from us by force, this is in direct contradiction to the condition for which our souls were created.

Lately, we see a greater and greater push to violate these freedoms through censorship. It terrifies me and breaks my heart at the same time to see people in defense of silencing those in opposition. How is it possible that my thoughts and opinions could be so dangerous that they must be silenced, unless they are the truth?

Any time freedom is being stifled, that is a form of subjugation. And right now, we have freedoms being suppressed or suspended, and we have many people in agreement that this is the right thing to do. Because why? Because "these are dangerous times" or because "it is for the common good."

At no time should it ever be right for even the largest majority to silence even one person to speak their thoughts. And if you don't agree with this, you do not cherish freedom.

We are now seeing government working in tandem with our media and social media overlords to filter out anything that speaks in opposition of the mainstream message. This isn't just bad. This isn't only a cause for concern. This is evil and it is wrong.

But there is hope, if you have ears for it, ringing loudly throughout the world, the sound of people in a quest for freedom.

Because throughout history, governments have tried to censor and silence their opposition. But those in favor of censorship have never triumphed. The misled public that is currently trying to be "woke" but is absolutely dead asleep to what is going on around them will soon be proven wrong.

Freedom will prevail. There is no sound on earth that rings more loudly than the sound of freedom. Fear cannot drown it out. It might win for a moment, but freedom will prevail in the end.

I'll stand for freedom even if I do it alone, even if I look foolish, and even if I do it with my last breath.