Review: NCN Synergy Preworkout

When it comes to "fitness stuff" I always feel like an imposter. I'm not a fitness motivator or influencer - I'm a nerd with a desk job who writes poetry books as a hobby. But at the end of the day, I have worked very hard. I've put in hours and hours perfecting what I do in my gym, and like the nerd I am, I've been collecting data and tracking progress in a measurable way.

And I've seen tremendous progress. Sometimes I look in the mirror and can't believe that's actually me.

When making an adjustment to my routines I always only change one variable at a time, so I can be sure what works and what does not. About nine weeks ago I started using the NCN Synergy pre-workout. I'm amazed at the difference it has made for me.


I've used pre-workouts in the past with quite a few negative feelings about them. Sometimes they give you that feeling like, "heck yes, I'm gonna do this!" But then my skin starts itching or I get super anxious. I'll become hyper self-aware to the point where I become discouraged and then my mood drops and it's a crash - total opposite of what I want.

I'd been told that Synergy was different. A clean feeling energy. And my experience has found that to be true. I absolutely love the feeling I get from it. Energized, but not jittery. Especially because I train alone in my home gym, I don't have "crowd energy" to feed off of. It's me, alone with my thoughts and my mood and that's it. 

Synergy gives me an energized focus. Through the past nine weeks, even with the changes brought on by my divorce, I've found a major increase in my energy and endurance in the gym. I've been able to increase my workload while remaining in my calorie deficit, which has helped me lean out even further. I've increased weight or reps on basically every muscle group and I'm inching closer to some significant PRs on my compound lifts. There is no doubt that Synergy has made the difference that I needed, and has done so without me having a single "crash" feeling or any kind of anxiety.

Even more importantly, the service and mission of NCN is outstanding. I'm pleased to support a small business with such a positive message and a great team behind it. 

Could not recommend this more highly. 

(P.S. and what would this be without a progress pic to back up my words?)