Hysteria is a Form of Extremism

It is quite common in mainstream media to see skeptics like me being labeled an extremist. I saw one article today state that those who use the chat app Telegram are "right-wing extremists." Well, I use both Telegram and Signal almost exclusively except for work-related texting and yet I flinch at even being referred to as a Republican.

I am a libertarian.

I don't mask (unless at the airport or on an airplane and even then I drink so much water as an excuse to pull the mask down), and I won't be vaccinated. So I am labeled an extremist.

But I ask this question: if this was about public health, why wouldn't a positive antibody test be just as good as a vaccine card? Why is it so freaking imperative to get "a needle in every arm" when natural immunity is arguably far better than vaccination?

If this was about public health, why would skepticism not just be met with healthy debate instead of censorship? 

This week, Rand Paul was suspended by YouTube for a comment he made about masks. An identical comment that Fauci himself made a year ago. And Rand Paul is also a medical professional. Why is he being silenced?

I ask another question: if we are so concerned about public health, do we really want to put the responsibility for that into the hands of career politicians, who are often found out to be sex offenders, pedophiles, embezzlers, and in numerous other ways absolutely tainted with scandal and abuse of power?

If I was truly afraid of this virus, I would not put my faith in the government to protect me. I don't believe a single thing they do is well-intentioned.

That opinion is based on years of witnessing THEIR actions, not my opinions. Andrew Cuomo has resigned from his position of authority for numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, which is an abuse of his power, and yet for the past year and some people were trusting this guy to make decisions about their health! 

And yet my skepticism is called extreme. I open my eyes and objectively see the behaviors of these people, not judging them just by their own words but by their actions, and I deem them to be rotten. So why would I then accept any force or mandate by them to manage my health. They cannot even manage their own behavior.

I am called an extremist in my view (even though a large percentage of Americans and people around the world agree with me). But I think the hysterical folks are extreme. Those who would sacrifice their liberty on the hypocritical alters of these abusers of power, in exchange for "safety" - not much of which has proven to actually be effective anyway. Vaccinated people are still getting and spreading COVID. Studies have shown again and again that masks are not very effective in preventing the spread of COVID. And even still, for the incredible majority of people, COVID presents with cold or flu-like symptoms.

And yet people hand over their liberties.

And we can all be sure of one thing: even if COVID is eradicated, once given up, we will never get our rights back.

People are seeking out protection and safety at any cost to "save lives" but what are we saving them for if we have given up our freedom?