Troubling Times

With everything going on right now in the country it is worth it, I believe, to throw my hat into the ring of millions of opinions, knowing that I am a rational person with a good heart and want all people to live in peace and freedom.

I have said it before when it comes to COVID, they are framing an "us against each other" scenario, where average Americans are hating their own brothers for differing opinions. When in all honesty, it should be all of us against them - them being the powers that be, the "leaders" that lie and misspeak and mislead and coerce and pit us against one another. We should all be against them.

When it comes to the vaccine I have two major issues:

I am not convinced this is a true vaccine or that it works. That is just an opinion, one which I am entitled to under the constitution and able to speak freely in this country. I am also not convinced that the moon landing was real. Am I a denier? No. I said I am not convinced. Traditionally, coronaviruses have not been successfully able to be vaccinated against. And typically, a vaccine would prevent transmission. This appears not to do that. I am unconvinced. I believe there has not been nearly enough testing. I am also extremely suspicious of campaigns to silence anyone with a differing opinion. If the vaccine is a true, real, scientifically safe and valid choice, why all the need to have our text messages spied upon? The campaign against free speech has alarmed me more about the vaccine than the shot itself.

I am deeply troubled by the way this is splitting society. I have friends and family members that have taken the vaccine. I assume (since they never said otherwise) that they did this freely and without coercion, so I support their choice to do so. I also insist that I be respected for not taking the vaccine. I don't malign these people who made a different choice than me. I don't belittle them. I don't threaten to pull my friendship or affection from them because they made a different choice. However, I have some acquaintances and "friends" that have made such comments to me for choosing not to be vaccinated.

Since I conduct myself with respect and rationality, I expect to be treated in a similar manner. But the media is turning my own friends against me, that I am to blame, that I am irresponsible, that I am unpatriotic because I have so far refused to do this.

My friends, both vaccinated and not, should not be troubled by my vaccination status. They should be troubled by a powerful and well-choreographed campaign to create division. To turn your neighbor into a villain. To make your own child or parent a "bad guy." We should be horrified, regardless of our stance on the vaccine, by the absolute dismissal of our freedom of speech and our privacy. Social media is being censored. The government is asking our cell phone carriers to report texts they deem dangerous.

What is dangerous is the loss of our freedom. That is not only our American identity but the identity of the human spirit.

In the end, we will have some people vaccinated, and some hopefully with the freedom to choose not to be. But the real divide here is the people who justify the trampling of our freedom. There is something sinister in how this is being set up and playing out. Manufactured hate and fear. It doesn't have to be this way.