Author Bio - A. M. Ballard

My name is A. M. Ballard and thank you for visiting my corner of the internet!

I have had a lifelong passion for writing, with a strong background in academic writing as well as a passion for poetry and non-fiction. Additionally, I have a background in business writing, including freelance writing for small businesses.

Aside from this blog, I have two published poetry books.  They touch on themes of womanhood, family, faith, friendship, humor, fitness, loss, and hope, among others.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus in Strategic Communications.  I also have a Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Organizational Leadership and Change Management.  I am currently an account manager for a medical laboratory and I absolutely love what I do!

My hobbies include fitness, sports, playing turn-based strategy games, reading, and volunteering.  I am a member of a local church and the Libertarian party, and in both capacities, I strive to be active within my community.   I am married and have three charming beagles.

Instagram: @amballard